AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review (Includes 25% Discount)

affilojetpack review

Today, I’ll be giving you my honest review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the easiest way to make affiliate websites. Before I tell you about it’s features though, I just want to share the story of Mark Ling, the creator, and talk about what inspired him to make it and launch his new version.

From Zero, to Hero… Then Back to Zero Again

Mark Ling began affiliate marketing in college. In less than a year, he was making $3,000 per week. You would think this would be the ultimate, wouldn’t you? So did he, until his friend convinced him to add an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites. It was a lot of work, and cost him thousands of dollars — but it worked, and his income soared.

But then he had a huge crash: His websites got slapped by Google, and his income took a dive.

His Climb Back to Hero Again

Things looked bleak for Mark, and it felt like he would never be able to climb back up again. But he decided that he would give it one more go. This time, he would place even more emphasis on building an email list, and making money through email marketing. And you know what?

Now he is an 7-figure super affiliate, traveling the world and living life to the fullest! He has had so much positive feedback about the first version of AffiloJetpack that he decided to launch a second version. And, for a very limited time, I’ve managed to claim a 25% off discount! But hurry, get it now, because this offer expires very soon:

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Are you confused on how to make a money-magnet website?

Most affiliate marketers don’t have autoresponders. They rely on their website visitors clicking ads and buying the products then. Mark is trying to teach people though that the REAL money to be made is in email marketing. That is why he created AffiloJetpack: to make it easy for you to make money.

Using AffiloJetpack was easy. I got to choose from five of 18 Jetpacks. Each Jetpack is a website kit, with everything you need to make the website and step-by-step instructions on how to do it! You get 100 emails, article research packs, graphics, the custom-made AffiloTheme, a year of hosting for one website, plus three ebooks/reports to use as subscriber bait.

Even better, it comes with a website builder that will basically create your website for you! It will set up your domain and hosting, then install WordPress and AffiloTheme for you. Even better, it will create a Fluttermail email account and pre-install the 100-email autoresponder with your affiliate links automatically added in for you! At the end, you have a money-magnet website, just like Mark creates.

Do you find writing content boring, but outsourcing expensive?

Imagine how long it would take you to create graphics and write 20 articles, 100 emails and a 60-page ebook as subscriber bait for your autoresponder! It would take months to do it yourself. You could outsource it — but it would cost you thousands of dollars. Now imagine doing that for FIVE websites! I’ve saved so much money and time because when I want to create a new affiliate website, I just use one of my five Jetpacks.

Do you find it time consuming to create websites?

Not only does it take a long time to create a website, but getting all of the content together takes so long I usually give up. That is why I am so glad I discovered AffiloJetpack, because now it takes me no more than a few hours to get a website up and running! By using their website builder and their done-it-for-you email newsletter series, I built up a portfolio of five money-making websites in just two days — and I believe that you can, too.


There is something you should know. AffiloJetpack includes one year of free website hosting for one site, but it doesn’t include the domain name. So you should budget for around $10-11 for this if you don’t have one already. But that is literally the only other thing you need to buy, because AffiloJetpack comes with everything else you need to make a commission-crunching affiliate website:

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Are you ready to take action?

I highly recommend AffiloJetpack, but ONLY if you are willing to take action now. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money. It is an investment into YOU and your future. Purchase it now while it is less than half its normal price, and set up your first website. If you know how to copy/paste, you can have five websites up in less than two days! Buy it here for 25% off for a limited time:

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Affilojetpack 2.0

The Unique Features of Affilojetpack 2.0

affilojetpack 2.0The chief role of affilojetpack 2.0 is to provide website users with essential content that will help them to excel in online marketing. They will find it easy to create their own affiliate sites. It is a unique tool that also generates affiliate marketing websites for users.

There are 18 different niches incorporated in content packs (jetpacks). Websites users are free to choose from five of these niches after purchasing affilojetpack 2.0 tool.

Main feature of Each affilojetpack 2.0 Niche

(a) There is no expertise needed to setup the domains. The DNS name servers will set up to the hosting, once the client has purchased a domain during set up.

(b) Affilojetpack will create Flutter mail account with one year newsletter automatically added with just a few clicks. The clients affiliate hop links will also be included.

(c) With just a few clicks, it will also create website that has Affilo theme and wordpress installed.

(d) It includes wordpress and Affilotheme designed to create affiliate ready websites that prompt readers to opt in to an email series.

(e) SEO and Key word research.

(f) Article research packs.

(g) Website header graphics and eBook covers.

(h) 3 eBooks to give away as a sign- up bait and as freebies.

(i) A one year email auto-responder series (containing 100+emails)

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Benefits of Using Affilojetpack 2.0 Tool

(a) Easy access to talented writers: You will be able to get a list of talented, reliable and qualified writers. It will therefore be very simple for you to hire writers when you need them.

(b)Makes it simple for you to write your own work too: This tool will make it easy for you to write quality content. This is mainly because the cheat sheets are packed with a lot of reliable information.

(c) Makes it easy for you to create a good number of unique articles: Different writers can utilize one cheat sheet to create lots of unique articles. Each gold nugget can also be expanded into its own blog post or article.

(d) Outsourcing will be much easier: The cheat sheets will help any writer to compile quality content without much brainstorming and researching on a certain topic.

(e) You will get quality articles at affordable cost: The cheat sheets will make research much easier and therefore the articles will cost less.

(f) You will get 20 content cheat sheets: These sheets will incorporate ideas, research and gold nuggets of reliable information. This will help you and your favorite writers to create high quality articles.

Advantages of Creating Your Own Website Using Affilojetpack 2.0.

(a)You will own your website: You will be free to move or do something different with your website.

(b) Built in header graphic tool:  Another advantage of affilojetpack 2.0 tool is that it will very easy for you to design a high quality logo and header.

(c) 12 month hosting will be included: You will not waste time searching for online companies to host your website. You will be free to do so without much hassle.

(d) Installed with Affilo Theme: The unique wordpress theme will help you to maximize sales and reduce hassles.

(e) Built on wordpress: This is a unique website building tool. It will help you to find new tools depending on your need.

(f) One click set up: You will find it extremely easy to build a website with this tool.

How Affilojetpack 2.0 Helps You to Entice More Subscribers

(a) Three unique reports. You will have three unique reports that you can re-brand or sell to your visitors. They will be 100 percent yours.

(b) High quality content to entice your visitors. You will get book graphics of high quality in both flat and 3D versions. They will help you to improve your reports.

(c) Commence making sales immediately. You will start making sales instantly after installing affilojetpack 2.0 tool. You can utilize a few affiliate promotions in your reports to start making sales.

(d) Getting your relationship off to a nice start. The emails and reports contain high quality content that is checked and full proofed. Your visitors will therefore be enticed to open the emails that follow.

How affilojetpack 2.0 Tool Will Help You to Build Trust and Maximize Sales

(a)Make sales throughout: This tool contains email that you can utilize to make more sales continuously. When people trust you, they are likely to keep on buying products that you recommend.

(b) Guaranteed earnings: You will just need to get people to subscribe. The auto responder soft ware and emails will do the rest. You just need to set the system once and everything works out.

(c) Quick sale affiliate products: This another special benefit of installing affilojetpack 2.0 tool. You will receive the ideal affiliate products for you to promote. Most of your visitors will be enticed by these products.

(d) Proper timing and order: Your emails will be designed to use the optimum frequency and order to maximize sales.

(e) Professionally written to meet high standards: The emails, articles and reports will incorporate high quality content. They will be thoroughly checked to prove they contain accurate and high quality content.

In summary, affilojetpack 2.0 tool comes with a variety of unique features. These features will be very essential to all website users. You just need to mark your calendar for the super launch on 30th September 2014! This will be a defining moment for all website users worldwide.

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AffiloJetpack 2.0 is Coming Soon….


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